She's Singing The Song, But Hasn't Played The Game

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Valkyria Chronicles is a truly interesting video game franchise, which, for one reason or another, has been sold short by Sega in recent years.


The Tokyo-based game company is relegating the PS3 franchise to the PSP, which doesn't quite give the Valkyria Chronicles the epic vibe it deserves. There is an anime, however, and it's now in its third season.

Sega roped in singer-slash-voice-actress Minami Kuribayashi (pictured) to sing the anime's new ending song. "I've like Valkyria from before," Kuribayashi tweeted, "and I'm really happy to be connected to the series."


"I'd also like to check out the game," she added. Yes, we're getting to the point where Valkyria Chronicles, a game originally noted for its unique art style and Gears of War influences, is now just an anime.

Oh, there's also a video game. Wait what, you haven't played it?

戦場のヴァルキュリア3 誰がための銃瘡 公式サイト [Sega] [Pic]

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I had to check the comments for clarifications on this "3rd Season" bit. Glad to see it's just OVA stuff.

Speaking of, Valkyria Chronicles' plot was far superior in the anime format. Cry me a river about "the original being better", but Welkin was a hopelessly generic bug hugger in the game and I couldn't quite feel anything for that character other than " =\ ". In the anime, however, he was a hopeless generic bug hugger who happened to have some moral issues based on the mixture of being thrown into war as well as clearly not knowing how to deal with a girl's feelings for him. (Because, you know, too busy with bugs.) So the anime spent more time making us like/dislike other characters while staying mainly true to the game's not-so-complicated plot. And finally, I am a *huge* fan at how the team handles death in the anime, compared to the game. I mean, the game plays music, but the anime just tear jerks ya for life. I mean, just listen to the linked song, man!