She's a Nun. An Evil Nun. With a Machine Gun.

Fashion model turned famous lady Nozomi Sasaki has a new habit: She's appearing in upcoming television series based on a social networking game as a boss character.

The game is Kaito Royale, a popular cell phone title. Sasaki is a machine gun-packing nun named "Sister Snake".


The drama centers around a group of thieves. The original game debuted on Japanese mobile phones. As of this summer, the game has over ten million players.

Sasaki plays a bad character—a first for her. According to the drama's creator, that's exactly why they wanted Sasaki.

Japan has a long history of nun imagery. Nozomi Sasaki, best known for her fashion pics and chewing gum commercials, is now part of that.


佐々木希、初の悪女役で [Oricon]

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