Shenmue Operator In Trouble With The Law

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While Facebook might be all the rage in the West, in Japan, it's all Mobage-Town. The service is attracting big titles like Shenmue and is a hit with players. It's not a hit with investigators.


The site's operator DeNA is under investigation for unfair competitive practices, Reuters reports. According to Sankei News, this past summer, the company apparently threatened to sever business relationships with over one hundred companies that developed games for rival social gaming site Gree.


However, DeNA ended relations with only one mobile game developer and the Fair Trade Commission is examining whether or not DeNA is engaged in unfair business practices.

Both DeNA and Gree are making tens of billions annually, and it is expected that both will enter the smart phone industry.

Above, Japanese comedian Eiko Kano poses at a Mobage-Town event.

UPDATE 1-Japan's DeNA in anti-competition probe; shares sink [Reuters] [Pic]

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Yeah, Mobage really is gaining speed. But like Renren, it is pretty much locked to a country. As dominant as they both become, they won't be able to ever compete with Facebook due to it's global access or at least friendliness.

But I would expect that Shenmue will still come to Facebook at some point. Or at least a alternate version of it.

Social Network gaming is a true force to be reckoned with and like it or not, it is becoming the dominant platform for many, many obvious reasons.