Shenmue Fans Plan Toy-based Direct Action

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Power to the people! In a move straight ou tof the Jericho fan playbook, disgruntled Shenmue devotees are planning a mass protest to try and convince SEGA to resurrect the franchise. It is intended that the two protests will only be superficially similar, however. Whereas Jericho nuts sent bags of, er, nuts the Shenmue protest will take the form of literally some plastic toy capsules being posted to SEGA offices. Oh, and hopefully the Shenmue protest will be successful. Ryo Hazuki of the Shenmue MySpace Campaign has this advice for would-be protesters, "Please include a letter asking for the continuation of the Shenmue series with your toy capsules, and poster printed from the Shenmue Poster Project. If you are only sending a letter, please include a poster with yours as well. Please be polite in you letters as you will be representing the entire Shenmue fan base :)" Protests begin on November 27th through to December 29th. Mass Mailing SEGA!!! Shenmue!!! [MySpace - thanks to Doomstink for the tip]


It is funny that they never produced more Shenmue games, but we are receiving yet another installment in the Yakuza series next year.