Shattered Horizon: One Giant Whoops For Mankind

On this, the 40th anniversary of man walking on the moon, Shattered Horizon developer Futuremark Games Studio reminds us why humanity can't have nice things.

Shattered Horizon is a first-person shooter which has players fighting in zero-gravity amidst the remnants of the moon, blown to bits during a mining explosion. In case you were wondering why we haven't done more on the moon since that initial stroll 40 years ago, just imagine the Earth with the sun blotted out due to a cloud of lunar debris and you'll feel a bit better about our lack of progress.


Futuremark issued these two new screenshots to celebrate today's anniversary, and to also remind prospective players that the beta for Shattered Horizon is kicking off soon. Head to the official website to sign up for the festivities.

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