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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Shark Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mr. Vaughn, what we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. It's really a miracle of evolution. All this machine does is swim and eat and make little sharks, and that's all. Now, why don't you take a long, close look at this sign.


• Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue) + $25 Amazon Credit is $249.99, free ship from Amazon. [Dealzon]


• Dreamgear Wii Fit 5-in-1 Fitness Bundle is $15.41 at Amazon with free shipping on $25+ order. Normally $35. [LogicBuy]

• Get free $30 gift card when you order Kinect (with Kinect Adventures) from Newegg. [LogicBuy]


• Gamestop is offering $10 off orders over $69 using JULY10 coupon code (expires July 31). [LogicBuy]

• Refurbished Kinect for Xbox 360 with Kinect Adventures for $99.99 only (normally $124). [LogicBuy]

• EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX560 Ti PCI-E Video Card, 1GB DDR5, 2DVI/Mini HDMI is $194.99 after coupon and rebate, plus free ship from SuperBiiz. Next best is $234. [Dealzon]

• Sleek new Dell XPS 15z laptop got its first price drop since May 25th release, $57 off base config Core i5-2410M, 6GB RAM, 1GB GeForce GT 525M, now $942.99. And the regular Dell XPS 15 got a coupon that makes Core i5-2410M, 6GB RAM, 640GB 7200RPM HDD, 1GB GeForce GT 525M best-ever $724.99. Previous low was $800. [Dealzon]



Hunted: The Demon's Forge (PS3, Xbox 360) is $39.99, free ship from Next best is $55. [Dealzon]


Hunted: The Demon's Forge (PC) is $24.99 + $3.99 ship from Amazon. Next best is $47. [Dealzon]

Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout - Kinect (Xbox 360) is $19.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $39. [Dealzon]


Fantastic Pets - Kinect (Xbox 360) is $19.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $33. [Dealzon]

De Blob 2: Underground (PS3, Xbox 360) is $15.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $32. [Dealzon]


Borderlands Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360) is $9.99, Best Buy. Next best is $36. [Dealzon]

Mortal Kombat Collector's Edition (Xbox 360) is $59.99 with $2.99 shipping at Best Buy. Normally $99. [LogicBuy]


LA Noire (Xbox 360, PS3) is $37.99 with free shipping at Amazon (normally $45). [LogicBuy]

Mortal Kombat (PS3, Xbox 360) on sale is $37 with free shipping at Amazon (normally $48). [LogicBuy]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition (Xbox 360) is $29.99 at Best Buy (normally $49). [LogicBuy]

Child of Eden (Xbox 360) is $29.99 at Gamestop plus free shipping. Normally $38. [LogicBuy]


De Blob 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) on sale for $15.99 with free shipping from Newegg. (Normally $29). [LogicBuy]

Fantastic Pets (Xbox 360) is $19.99 with free shipping at Newegg (normally $30). [LogicBuy]


Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (Xbox 360) on sale for $19.99 with free shipping from Newegg (normally $29). [LogicBuy]

Dance Central (Xbox 360 Kinect) + 240 Microsoft Points is $37 with free shipping by Amazon (normally $44). [LogicBuy]


Digital Distribution

The following listing of digital download bargains are grouped by distributor. For more, see Deals4Downloads' roundup.


Assassin's Creed Director's Cut is $5.94, save 70 percent.
Fat Princess (PS3) is $7.99, save 47 percent.
Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood is $14.72, save 51 percent.

Ducati World Championship is $2.00, save 60 percent.

Sid Meier's Civilization V Digital Deluxe Edition is $20.40, save 66 percent.
The Sims 3 is $15.98, save 60 percent.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent is $7.95, save 60 percent.


Syberia Pack is $7.49, save 50 percent.

The Sims Medieval is $19.97, save 60 percent.
Dreamcast Collection is $15.00, save 50 percent.
Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition is $7.49, save 75 percent.


Astroslugs (Mac) is $2.99, save 70 percent.

Get Games
DiRT 2 is $7.19, save 76 percent.
RHEM Trilogy is $4.99, save 75 percent.


Magicka is $4.97, save 50 percent.
Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is $4.97, save 50 percent.
Penumbra: Black Plague is $4.97, save 50 percent.

URU: Complete Chronicles is $3.99, save 60 percent.

Avencast: Rise of the Mage is $3.74, save 75 percent.
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Deluxe is $9.99, save 67 percent.


iTunes Store
PREDATORS (Mac) is $0.99, save 80 percent.
Anomaly Warzone Earth (Mac) is $6.99, save 30 percent.

Microsoft Games For Windows Live
Section 8: Prejudice is $7.49, save 50 percent.


Sid Meiers Civilization V is $17.00, save 66 percent.
Altitude is $4.99, save 50 percent plus Free Weekend

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