The new Grand Theft Auto V trailer seems to have gone over pretty well. Fans are happy. Very happy. They're reciting a favorite line from it on Twitter. They're commenting with great passion on the YouTube page for the Stevie Wonder song that was used in the trailer ("GTA V BROUGHT ME HERE SO SUCK MY BALLZ I DON'T CARE").

The trailer has attracted about 1500 comments on Rockstar's own site. The people commenting there are pumped. Take "VProcurado", who writes: "THAT WAS AWESOME! WHERE CAN I PRE-ORDER THE NEXT TRAILER???" ("inFamous_DJT" sets V straight: "You can't pre-order a trailer").

As coarse as some of the f-yeah fist-pumping for the new trailer might be, there's something endearing about seeing people so excited about something that they can barely type a coherent thought. Minds are exploding. Fingers can't type fast enough.

This brings us to a Rockstar fan who goes by the name "Shanko Shizz" and praises this trailer in some extraordinary ways. You want to see some enthusiasm? Here it is in all-caps...


...and in rhyme...


...and once with the equivalent of a vigorous head nod..

I think Shanko Shizz is ready for GTA V.

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