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Shacknews Bought By..GameFly?

Illustration for article titled Shacknews Bought By..GameFly?

It's a strange headline, yes, but that's how the world goes sometimes. Shacknews founder Steve Gibson has revealed that his site has indeed been bought by games rental outlet GameFly.


Gibson - who claims the move has nothing to do with money troubles for the site - says of the surprising deal:

GameFly has demonstrated a true understanding of and commitment to Shacknews' gaming culture.

We are confident [GameFly] will protect the legacy and community we've established, while at the same time providing much needed resources to expand into new and exciting areas that would not otherwise be possible.


Meanwhile, GameFly CEO David Hodess and co-founder Sean Spector say:

We purchased Shacknews because it's a great site. We believe we can help expand its reach—we're not looking to twist and turn the site into something else.

With its avid, engaged community and commitment to providing an independent voice for gamers seeking the most accurate and up-to-date news and information, it goes to the core of our vision as a company, which is to be the ultimate resource for the entire gaming community.

Two months into 2009, two game news outlets bought out. Stay tuned in March, see if the hot streak continues!


GameFly Acquires Shacknews [Shacknews]

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I've started Netflix, and that's decent with a 2 to 3 day turnaround for rentals. Gamefly though, at what? $16/month? Seems a bit expensive for one game.