Click to view OK, so they've actually been quietly working on this for months now, but this is the first we've heard of it, so up it goes: seems the cast of the mostly-great Street Fighter: The Later Years series on College Humor are getting back together for a new series. A new, proper TV series, with a pilot episode and everything. Called Street Fighter: Reunion, it continues where the story left off at the end of Later Years, as the World Warriors contemplate a life fresh out of retirement. Everybody except Dhalsim is returning as regular cast members, with new additions to the roster promised as well. This could go either way, and there's a strong chance they blew all the good jokes in the first 3 episodes of the last series, but since Ana Parsons will be back with her strangely alluring take on Chun Li, we're willing to give it a chance. [SF Devotion & SF Later Years]


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