Japan loves KFC. There's the Kentucky Fried Chicken traditionally eaten at Christmas, the KFC airplane food, the potato chips, and the KFCs that are unlike any you've probably ever seen.

Today, it was announced that a new "Adult Kentucky Fried Chicken" will soon open in the The Yomiuri Shimbun Building in Tokyo's Otemachi. Via IT Media, here are artist renderings of this new grown-up KFC:

What makes this KFC differ from others in Japan is that it will serve beer (domestic and international) and have a special dinner menu that includes five different types of pasta.

Of course, the Colonel's chicken will be offered, too. At dinner time, ordering is done via touch panel at each table.

As previously posted, KFC has been planning to create more late night restaurant spots. Back in 2012, it unveiled a fancy KFC bar called Route 25.


Located in Tokyo's Shimo-Kitazawa, this cafe is perhaps unlike any you've ever seen:

"大人のケンタッキー"がオープン ディナータイムにビール、注文はタッチパネルで [IT Media]

Photos: KFC_jp, Yometaka, KFC_jp, KFCROUTE25

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