Sexual harassment is awful. Don't do it. But I guess it's okay to feel up a radish? While wearing a helmet? Maybe not.

In the below video, courtesy of our Gizmodo Japan colleagues, you can see a "substitutional reality" or "SR" system used with a radish harassing tech Kotaku previously featured. The tech is called "Sekuhara Interface", with "sekuhara" being Japanese for "sexual harassment." It allows radishes to make porn noises when touched. Realize that this is more of a tongue-in-cheek performance art project.


Warning: The video below has radish moaning.


SR differs from VR in that it switches from a live stream to a pre-recorded stream without the user being able to tell the difference. SR was developed by researchers at Japan's Riken Brain Science Institute. In the following clip, you can see a walkthrough that shows an earlier prototype version in action or you can read this article from Nature.

妄想と現実を代替するシステム「SRxSI」[Kaori Ichihara@Vimeo via Gizmodo Japan]

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