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You can't write headlines much weirder than that, but it is not in dispute that Keith Wiens, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, shot and killed his common-law wife after she demanded that he pay up—in foreplay, evidently—for losing to her in a Wii game.


Wiens told a jury in British Columbia that he acted in self defense on that night in August 2011, and that his wife, Lynn Kalmring, attacked him with a knife. The two had had a rapidly escalating argument since getting drunk and playing Wii and making wagers "of a sexual nature," on the games.

When Wiens went upstairs to go to bed after playing the console, he found sex toys on his pillow. He brushed them aside, saying he needed to rest up for a round of golf the next day. "He said Kalmring became upset when she saw that he was not in the mood to settle the bet," reports the Penticton Western News.


Kalmring then broke out that no-win accusation: "You're not attracted to me, are you," and though Wiens said he assured her he was, he was just tired, the argument dissolved into an expletive-filled tirade. He said his wife left the bedroom, returned with a knife and rushed him; Wiens had already armed himself with a pistol he kept in his bedside table, saying he feared for his life. He shot her once in the head.

A forensic pathologist earlier testified that he believed a knife police found in Kalmring's hand had been placed there after her death, reasoning she would have dropped it when she was shot.

Accused murderer tells court argument began with bet on video game. [Penticton Western News via GamePolitics]

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