Sex and the City's Samantha Gets Turned On By Mario's Raccoon Suit

Now, I know that Samantha gets turned on by most things. But all the same, this one's pretty funny.


In a departure for Nintendo's usually family-friendly celebrity spokespeople, a new British ad for Super Mario 3D Land features Sex and the City's friskiest character talking about her predilection for men who play dress-up.

"I go on magical adventures with a certain Mario. And guess what? He's totally into dressing up. That tanooki suit is my particular favorite."



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Yoshi Salcedo

Why do companies persist on hiring actors to act like they enjoy games? I'm pretty sure all of us can tell they really don't care about whatever they're playing on (minus Zelda Williams and her dad of course). Why can't we get real people playing these games for some legit raw emotion? I think it would have a deeper impact on the viewer.