Seventeen Minutes of Agent 47 Stalking, Killing and Changing Clothes in Hitman: Absolution Playthrough

Machinima's got the full playthrough of the Hitman: Absolution teased earlier today in all of its 17-minute glory. Those poor cops. That poor hippie.


Hitman: Absolution "Run For Your Life" Playthrough [Machinima YouTube]

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Why are we throwing around the word "linear" like it's a bad thing? Their is something to be said about a managed experience, Hitman: Absolution looks like it's trying to sell a more solid experience over the likes of it's heavily open-ended predecessors.

The problem I'm seeing in the comments is that you are all holding on to past Hitman games, holding your breath to see something familiar in this title. Fuck you. Seriously, we don't need you holding back games to whatever standard you made up in your head. "cover is stupid" "pfft linear gameplay!?" Stop, all you are doing is NOTICING things you aren't saying anything and your arguments are not valid.

No one is taking you shitty stack of crappy games that you refuse to change. Go back and play the same thing over and over, we'll be over on this side letting games evolve, or at least giving things enough of a chance and watching he whole fucking video.

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