Seven Years Later, Deadly Plague Returns to World of Warcraft

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Late last night, reports WoW Insider, Death Knights in World of Warcraft contracted a bug which allowed them to cast plagues upon friendly targets. The afflicted death knights, as per their namesake, went apeshit with this newfound power, laying waste to Azeroth's population in a way not seen since the infamous "Corrupted Blood" plague—which celebrated its seventh anniversary on Thursday.


The Death Knight bug was patched out very early this morning, WoW Insider said, but what makes it different is the fact this plague couldn't spread by itself. It required action by the knights themselves. It still was the worst epidemic seen since Corrupted Blood, a 2005 incident later studied by epidemiologists.

Here's an image from the outbreak, via WoW Insider; there are four more at the link.

Death knight plague epidemic strikes Azeroth [WoW Insider]


So did they do it with Outbreak or Pestilence? Your disease DoT's only show up by using your attacks like icy touch and plague strike which are direct attacks and I'm sure you weren't able to do that. Only other way would be if Outbreak could be cast on them or Pestilence would spread to friendly players, but that requires you to already be attacking something inflicted with diseases already. Would be nice to know exactly what ability was doing this.