Seven-Year Old Draws the Only iPhone Manual You'll Ever Need

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This manual for the iPhone, drawn by a 7-year old, has been delighting Korean message boards this past week.

Wouldn't it be nice if all our machinery came with manuals as cute as this?

Forget about clunky and intrusive tutorial levels. Now, I feel that all games should come with manuals written by 7-year olds.


Check out the manual in the gallery, above, complete with my translation.

7-Year Old iPhone Manual [Nate]

iPhone Manual


If you press the middle button, the screen turns on | and the same button is used to move between programs | The yellow speech bubble is to use KakaoTalk (KakaoTalk is a Korean messaging program)


The green speech bubble is for regular messaging | This is the camera | The one that says clock is the alarm | The sunflower picture is the album | The envelope is for e-mail | This is the diary | The calendar | This is to listen to music (melon) | This is also used to listen to music


To turn it off press the top button please | For silent mode | If you see red on the side you are in silent mode | Not silent mode | For volume | Loud (up) | Down (soft) | It is on the side

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