And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today'.

'Close-call' videos—the ones where someone narrowly avoids a disaster of some kind—may induce anxiety, but that's exactly what makes them so thrilling to watch. Uniformedia has compiled some of the best close calls in the last year, and you can watch them all in one cool video.


I've had a few close calls growing up—mostly, cars almost hitting me and that sort of thing. Once I almost fell off the back of a speeding truck (it was a third world country, that was how most people travelled). And every time a close call happened, I'd go from 'I feel lucky to be alive' to 'holy shit I hope it's not like those Final Destination movies, where I was supposed to have died just then and didn't and so now EVERY SINGLE THING will try to kill me in horrifying ways because it's the only way to restore order to the world.'

Uhhhh. Yeah.

What about you, ever had a close call? Or do you have a favorite close call video or GIF? Feel free to share in the comments!

Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2014 [Uniformedia]

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