Seven-Minute Final Fantasy VII Remake Ad Is The Longest Commercial Ever On Japanese TV

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Screenshot: スクウェア・エニックス

Clocking in at seven minutes long, this Final Fantasy VII Remake ad is the longest commercial to ever air on Japanese television. It’s like a seven-minute short film about people into Final Fantasy VII.


As pointed out on GameSpark, the commercial aired over the weekend during an annual 27-hour block of programming hosted by Beat Takeshi.

The spot stars popular actors Masataka Kubota, Misato Morita, and Tetsuji Tamayama.

Kubota stars as a young businessman who has never played Final Fantasy VII. At the beginning, he finds a copy of FFVII his wife had left out after reminiscing. They don’t have a PlayStation at home, so he cannot play the game. At work, his superiors talk about the game and later, his wife recalls playing the game with her now-estranged brother. Kubota gets more and more interested in playing the upcoming remake and by the end, he decides to go buy a PS4 to play the game with his wife.

Again, this is an ad, but it’s refreshing to see adults on television talk about video games in a fairly normal way. These games are part of our lives, and this seven-minute short understands that.

It also hopes you’ll buy Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Here is the longer 13-minute cut.



I want to play FFVII again but I can’t. No one can.

I can’t turn back time and be the kid I was 20 years ago and relive that moment again. Playing with my brother after school. Discussing strategy and story... Fighting over our own save files. heh.

Can this remake give me that feeling again. I very much doubt so. What I can hope is it gives someone else that feeling. Someone who is in that right place in their lives to experience the game. And have a memory that they will remember for the rest of their lives.