Seven-Minute Final Fantasy VII Remake Ad Is The Longest Commercial Ever On Japanese TV

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Screenshot: スクウェア・エニックス
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Clocking in at seven minutes long, this Final Fantasy VII Remake ad is the longest commercial to ever air on Japanese television. It’s like a seven-minute short film about people into Final Fantasy VII.


As pointed out on GameSpark, the commercial aired over the weekend during an annual 27-hour block of programming hosted by Beat Takeshi.

The spot stars popular actors Masataka Kubota, Misato Morita, and Tetsuji Tamayama.

Kubota stars as a young businessman who has never played Final Fantasy VII. At the beginning, he finds a copy of FFVII his wife had left out after reminiscing. They don’t have a PlayStation at home, so he cannot play the game. At work, his superiors talk about the game and later, his wife recalls playing the game with her now-estranged brother. Kubota gets more and more interested in playing the upcoming remake and by the end, he decides to go buy a PS4 to play the game with his wife.

Again, this is an ad, but it’s refreshing to see adults on television talk about video games in a fairly normal way. These games are part of our lives, and this seven-minute short understands that.

It also hopes you’ll buy Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Here is the longer 13-minute cut.

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Company that takes forever to finish a game creates an ad that takes forever to end.

Well, at least they are consistent. Although, considering this is just “part 1” of the remake, I wonder if by the time they finish the whole thing, we will get a 30min ad for it.