It was only a matter of time. Having recently established a new studio to get away from former bosses Activision, Modern Warfare creators Vince Zampella and Jason West have wasted no time recruiting seven of their former Infinity Ward colleagues.


Those seven are:

- Todd Alderman, lead designer on Modern Warfare 2
- Mackey McCandlish, lead designer on Modern Warfare 2
- Mark Grisby, lead animator on Modern Warfare 2
- John Paul Messerly, lead animator on Modern Warfare 2
- Chris Cherubini, lead environmental artist on Modern Warfare 2
- Rayme C. Vinson, software engineer on Modern Warfare 2
- Jon Shiring, programmer on Modern Warfare 2

Judging from the comments left on the men's various Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, work at the newly-formed, EA-backed Respawn looks set to kick off on May 1.

You kind of get the feeling they're not going to be the last developers to jump ship.


Confused? Need more background? You can read up on our complete coverage of the Activision vs Modern Warfare legal battle here.


UPDATE: Seven (And Counting) Ex-Infinity Ward Employees Join Respawn [G4]


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