Setting Up Kinect Is Like Preparing For A Date

Vacuum your floors. Reduce background noise. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Are we playing video games here or hoping to score? This Xbox Live video shows the steps needed to ensure a pleasurable Kinect Experience.


Kinect will never work in my apartment. I do have six feet of room between my television and my couch, but only just that. Figuring in my height (6'6") and I'm going to need to stand halfway inside the wall in order for the device to see me properly.

I suppose it's for the best. I never was good at keeping my floor uncluttered, and light bulbs have a tendency to burn out with alarming frequency in my presence.

Now if I were still a dating man, my floor would be spotless, the windows closed and shuttered, and every light would be glaring with the brilliance of a million suns, if only to assure potential dates that I'm not hiding any rope and duct tape in the shadows.



the fact that i have two large sumo bags between my couch and my TV (we have people over often for movie/gaming nights, so we need to seating), it will be a pain to lug them out of the way to play kinect. not saying i won't get it, but i would need some really impressive games (which i am still waiting for).