Serious Sam Publisher Lampoons EA's Origin in Fake Press Release

Illustration for article titled emSerious Sam/em Publisher Lampoons EAs Origin in Fake Press Release

No fan of Origin, Electronic Arts' new digital distribution service, the publisher of Serious Sam 3: BFE [pictured] announced "in a move likely to shock absolutely no one" that they have scrapped plans for their own proprietary service.

R.I.P., "Krundle," as it was codenamed by Devolver Digital's Fork Parker "I think we could have revolutionized how I make a shitload of money," he said in a news release. "But the reality is Steam is an amazing digital platform."

"Krundle" would have offered "unconventional preorder incentives like in-game nachos and undetonated Cold War era munitions," says the release. Not sure about the latter, but hell yes on the former. Also titles that are "Free-to-Play-for-Fifty-Bucks," meaning that your game is free to play once you pay $50 for it. And purchases of $200 or more would be rewarded with free Portuguese porn movies.


"I guess consumers could also sign up for EA's Origin service if they are into 10-year-old train simulators," Parker said. "But you can be sure those sons of bitches will never deliver in-game nachos."

Serious Sam Publisher Sticks It to Origin [Hot blooded Gaming]

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Antisniper's Antisniper who Anti-Snipes Snipers

If anything, this just proves that no matter what platform you play on, there are blind haters and 10 year olds kids on all of them. Look at the PC community, hating EA because they're launching Origin, and because Valve pulled their games off Steam. So instead of having the usual xbox and ps3 fanboys, we have Steam fanboys instead. Doesn't make them less of a fanboy. We have the CoD fanboys and the CoD haters, doesn't make em less of a fanboy or a hater. Same here.

So it seems that it is EA's fault that Valve pulled their game off Steam? Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. I use Steam frequently, and love their sales, but even I can recognise who is the victim party here.

As for SS3, they need all the support they can get, after all, when you make relatively average games, you need it.