Serious Games Competition Is Serious Business

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Whosegame is right in the middle of their first annual Serious Games competition which runs from Dec. 8, 2008 to Mar 31, 2009.


To enter, you have to be a student or someone who really, really wants to make a Serious Game. The jury prizes are 5000, 2500 or 1000 euros worth of gift checks in the winner's local currency, while those voted Most Popular by internet users will score 500 euros worth of gift checks. There's also the prize of fame and something shiny to put on your resume.

Hit the jump for full details on the contest.

To enter, participants have to choose one of three topics: 1) improving players' knowledge of telecommunications; 2) encouraging players to be eco-citizens using telecommunication technologies; or 3) ending isolation and exclusion via telecommunications.


Once you've picked a topic, create a Flash game that sticks to the theme. And, not that I'm a judge or anything, but I recommend making your game fun.

Next, contestants should head to to register their game. And finally, contestants need to upload their entries before midnight on March 31, 2009.

Full details are available at A big thanks to Professor Henry Lowood for pointing this out.

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