The incredible Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) cosplay you see up top is just a taste of some of the work on display in this week's cosplay roundup, in which tribute is paid to games like Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft and Dragon Age 2.

Impressive stuff one and all, in fact one of the best overall collections we've ever run, but the more we look at these on such a scale, the more we get a little disappointed at the lack of imagination on show. Everybody dresses like a Final Fantasy character, or if not that, then one of a handful of other franchises or characters.

It's a shame the only people with the gumption to go out in public dressed as their favourite game characters are (generally) those whose game tastes dovetail with the anime crowd.

The day I can post images of somebody dressed as John Madden, Colonel Christopher Blair or the Settler from Civilization is the day I'm waiting for. Though, I'll admit, that could take a while.


"Alexstrasza - The Lifebinder"

"Dragon Age 2: Flemeth 1"


"Just Because"

"Lightning - A New Dawn"


"Sephiroth Cosplay"

"Southern Accent"


"Vincent Valentine Cosplay"

"You'll pay with your blood"


"Yuan, cabal on line"

"Zero Suit Samus - Aniventure"