Some people think that the 3DS' new second-circle-pad add-on is ugly. They mock it. They deride it. But maybe the 3DS "slide pad" is a beautiful homage to one of history's greatest video game box-art optical illusions.

You see a slide pad.

I see Pierce Brosnan's extended jowl on the cover of Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye.


See? See how the cheek sticks out on Bond's face? It's really his fist, but you get the idea. Now look at that slide pad again. Same thing. Sorta.

Bravo, Nintendo. Excellent homage. Can we now officially call this add-on the 3DS Jowl?


(Yes, yes, we're having much fun with Nintendo and their slide pad today, but once I thought of this resemblance, I couldn't unthink it. Had to share.)

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