At Ayaha High School in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, junior members of the tennis club celebrate their senpai’s graduations by making elaborate sand art. Notice it!

As a show of respect, gratitude and well-wishing (probably some obligation, too!), each kouhai (後輩), or junior, works together to create these works, using only sand and negative space and including inspirational messages, to mark the graduations of their senpai (先輩), or senior.


Via Twitter user Ayhbbnm15, you can see the students making Dragon Ball sand art.

[Image: Ayhbbnm15]

Then, when the kouhai become the senpai, they get similar art to celebrate their graduations.

According to News Gamme, this is a tradition at Ayaha High School that has been going on for a while. Below, you can see some of the previous years’ sand works.

Top image: tenisuakita

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