The GSP 370 connects to PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4 via a wireless USB dongle. Computer users can download Sennheiser’s software to switch between four different equalizer presets—flat, movie, music, or esport (with a focus on treble). There’s a volume control knob on the side of the headset, a switch for power, and a micro USB port for charging.

How do they sound? Nice. I’m not blown away, but I am very pleased. The clarity is good, the bass is strong without being overpowering or obnoxious. Nice and top-middle-of-the-road.

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What’s important here is that they sound just fine for at least 80 hours without charging. The battery indicator light on the side of the unit has four different colors. At around 10 hours of remaining charge, the light goes red, and starts blinking when it drops to one hour. Yellow is for between 20 and 50 hours. Green indicates 50 to 75 hours of charge, and dark green is for more than 75 hours. From the 80 hours I’ve used the headset since receiving it and charging it fully, these colors are accurate.

That’s ridiculous. I think the longest I’ve ever had a wireless headset keep a charge is something like 15 hours. I’m sure there are plenty out there that run for more than 15, but over 80? That’s outstanding.


Before I used Sennheiser’s GSP 370 gaming headset, I would not have dreamed about starting a stream or going on a guild raid in an MMORPG wearing a wireless headset, mainly because I don’t raid anymore and hardly ever stream. But if I did, I’d be confident doing so with the GSP 370 on my head. Maybe they could put that on the box.