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Xbox One Boxes Going For Nearly As Much As The Console Itself on eBay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Typically, spending a ton of money and only ending up with a box is a scam people don't want to buy into. Unless, apparently, you really want special Xbox One packaging.

Last time we looked at Xbox One listings on eBay, we found that people were paying money for the special "Day One" achievement—they're a part of a limited number of Xbox Ones sold on the launch of the console. These Day One consoles come in special "Day One" packaging, pictured above, which people are putting for sale on eBay—sometimes for the price of a full console, as you can see in this image by Reddit user Warjec.


Upon closer inspection, as the first picture shows, you'll find that some people are actually bidding on these things, if not keeping close tabs on these auctions—even though they're clearly labelled as 'box only' auctions. Two possibilities here: either these are reading comprehension fails where people think they're getting the actual console (but it's so obvious they're not!), or people just want the special packaging. Both seem equally possible. It's also possible that sellers are putting these up knowing people won't read the listing right, or because they know that the limited edition packaging makes people want an item like this.


Whatever it is, it's still amusing to see auctions like this, even though they happen every console launch—in this case, box-only auctions seem to mostly be of the Day One variety. Hopefully anyone that bids on stuff like this doesn't think they're about to get an actual console!

(Via r/gaming)