Sega's Got Thirteen Titles Lined Up for E3

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The house that Sonic built and later remodeled is bringing their A games to E3 this year with Aliens: Colonial Marines and Anarchy Reigns. Binary Domain is their B game, followed by Captain America: Super Soldier and Crush3D. After that the whole alphabet thing falls apart.


Even if they don't have at least one game for every letter of the alphabet, Sega's E3 2011 showing is quite impressive. As far as some of Kotaku's writers are concerned, they could have just showed up with Captain America and Colonial Marines, waved to the crowd, and gone home, but no! Instead they bring a bunch of extra stuff with them, just in case the entire show isn't made up of Kotaku editors.

Stuff like Crush3D, the 3DS version of the perspective-twisting puzzle adventure for the PSP, or Renegade Ops, the downloadable shooter that doesn't seem particular exciting. Sega Rally Online Arcade is already out, so it pretty much doesn't count!

The Guardian Heroes HD re-release looks nifty enough, as does the House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut for the PlayStation 3. A new Shinobi game for the 3DS? There's nothing wrong with that.

Rise of Nightmares for the Kinect might be the most interesting title, promising full-body scares using Microsoft's motion sensing controller. I'm a big fan of full-body scares.

And of course it wouldn't be a Sega party without Sonic the Hedgehog, both in Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

All those and more will be on-hand at Sega's E3 booth for us to sample and taste. Check back next week for more from the floor.


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In other news, I would have liked to see the PSP Valkyria Chronicles games as PS3 Remasters.