Sega Will Release An HD Remake Of Saturn Platformer NiGHTs

Sega is bringing back NiGHTs in HD. The cult classic will be out for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC this fall. It's no Skies of Arcadia, but it'll do. [Sega]


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Seriously, does bad economy affect innovation in a negative way? I mean 2012 is the year of the HD remakes. The Japanese gaming industry is really running out of steam recently.

What's next after NiGHTs HD? Panzer Dragoon 1 & 2 HD, Virtua Cop HD Collection, Virtua Fighter 1 - 3 HD collection, Daytona USA Collection, Golden Axe HD collection, Shinobi HD Collection, Wonderboy HD Collection, Street of Rage 1 - 3 HD Collection???