Sega: Wii Is "The Most Expensive Board Game On Earth"

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Speaking with, Sega's Darren Williams was asked his thoughts on the Wii. And Darren Williams - like Sega as a whole, we'd wager - are still kind of torn. Sure, some games, and some things are working. Mario & Sonic, that worked a treat. But other things about the Wii present a little more of a challenge:

I think on one hand the Wii has become the most expensive board game on Earth - it's the kind of thing that families will play at Christmas, and probably won't play again throughout the remainder of the year. So things like Wii Sports, Wii Fit to a certain extent, that's great.


Great for Nintendo, maybe. And that's definitely a problem with the Wii, one that may start to rear its head 12-18 months down the line once a lot of these "new" gamers get sick of Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Wonder how companies like Sega (and Nintendo!) are going to overcome it. Darren Williams - Part One []

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Truer things never came out of Sega's mouth. I haven't used my Wii since No More Heroes/Okami.