SEGA Staff Cuts Confirmed

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The rumor that SEGA of America made thirty of its employees redundant is not a rumor.

Confirming the lay-offs, a SEGA rep. stated, "Sega of America has grown at pace with the booming videogame industry, but at this time of economic recession, harsh retail landscape, and the reality of business challenges to profitability, we must take steps to reduce our cost structure and ensure long-term success... The decision to lay off staff was a difficult one, and we thank these employees for their contributions and wish them well in their future endeavors."


According to the SEGA spokesperson, "about thirty" employees were laid off. We wish them luck in their job search and future endeavors.

Confirmed: Sega Cuts Staff [EDGE]

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Hey Sega, next time put your advertising dollars behind a game that is, for example, amazing (Valkyria Chronicles) instead of a turd (Sonic Remake XXVI).

Not that it would've really helped - this economy's tough on everybody. But yeah, stop sucking.