Sega Responds to SOPA Question Like a Heartless Robot, Apologises Like Funny Human

A reader of site HotBloodedGaming decided to email Sega and ask what the company's stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act was. Sega was nice enough to reply. Well, as nice as an automatic mailing system that's completely useless is capable of being, anyway.

As we've shown you, user DanGlozier66's email was a relatively simple one, laying out what he felt was wrong with SOPA and explaining why it would suck if Sega supported the bill.


His reply didn't really answer the question. To make up for the heartless response, then, Sega of America has put together this cute little video.

While it still doesn't really answer the question, it does mean we'll all have to suffer through "hard reset" jokes for the next week or so.

SEGA's Reply To Concerned Gamer Over SOPA Is Complete Garbage [HBG]

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