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Xbox 360 mech sim Chromehounds is about to have its online component put to sleep. Sega will be taking the game's multiplayer portion behind the barn, hopefully ending its life with the first shot.

The Chromehounds community, dozens strong, was informed of the news last week: Sega will be pulling the plug on January 6, 2010. According to Sega forum administrator, "all online components for Chromehounds will no longer be accessible and the game will only be available for play in Offline modes."


That means, if you still need some of Chromehounds' Xbox Live Achievements tied to the game's online component, you better get 'em now. Or at least before January.

The From Software mech game was released for the Xbox 360 in the summer of 2006. We don't know exactly what 3.5 years of online play translates to in chromed dog years.

Chromehounds Online Service Closure - January 6, 2010 [Sega - thanks, John!]

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