SEGA Makes Hummer Driving In Japan Easy!

Japanese cars tend to be on the small side for good reason. In heavily populated urban areas, many streets are narrow, making it difficult to drive enormous American cars through them.

Nonetheless! There is a set of folks in Japan who are big fans of huge American automobiles. Those with money, shell out big time for Hummers. Those without, can play this SEGA arcade game, and the environment is better for it.


Dubbed simply Hummer, the game features a deluxe cabinet with movements that respond to in-game driving. The game runs on SEGA's Lindbergh arcade hardware system and can support up to 8 players. Players can take tuned-up H1s, H2s or H3s for a spin on self-explanatory tracks like "Bluster Canyon", "Isolated Jungle", "Caribou Valley" and "Industrial Hill."

Our only gripe: Shouldn't the back of the cabinet feature the Hummer's back and not its front?

Hummer [SEGA]

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