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Sega has made a lot of Sonic games. Too many, perhaps? You betcha.

"We've probably been guilty of bringing too many Sonic games to market too quickly," Alan Pritchard, Sega's US sales and marketing man, tells website Joystiq.


By comparison, Pritchard believes Nintendo has been slightly more strategic in how and when it releases Mario games.

"If you look at all of the Sonic releases over the last four or five years, there's a real mixed bag out there," he adds. According to Pritchard, a Sonic game can sell even if reviews are not stellar.

"But is that really what the consumer wants? Is that what we should be doing as a publisher and a developer? We should be bringing much higher quality products to market to deliver a better experience for the consumer."

Sega has recently released Sonic 4: Episode 1. Sonic Free Riders will be release next month as will Sonic Colors. Another Sonic game is planned for next year. Good thing Sega stopped releasing a bunch of Sonic games, huh?


Sega 'looking to improve Sonic strategy,' reducing supply of older Sonic games [Joystiq via CVG] [Pic]

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