Sega Iffy On Colonial Marines Release Date

You'd think that with Gearbox working on it, and with it being based on one of the most popular sci-fi films of all-time, that Aliens: Colonial Marine would be top-billing on Sega's release schedule. But it's not.

It's not even top-billing on Sega's Aliens tie-in release schedule! Sega's Mike Hayes has told G4 that the timing of CM's release is all up to how well the upcoming Aliens vs Predator reboot does at retail.

I think the detail of that [release date] is probably still too early. What I would say is it's unlikely that we'd launch anything within six months [after Aliens vs. Predator], but probably nine months, eight to 12 months possibly. Though we literally are looking at that at the moment and a lot of is going to depend, as well, on how successful AvP is at the box [retail].


Sounds...messy. See, Sega, this is what happens when you sign a deal to publish two games that are too damn similar to each other.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date Depends On Aliens Vs. Predator's Success [G4]

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