Speaking as an owner of the first series of Sega Gals capsule toys, toymaker Takara Tomy's latest venture into taking well-known women from Sega's long history of games and turning them into wee plastic figures is a bit disappointing.

The Sega Gals Collection 3 features these lovely ladies from Sega games past and present: Fei Yen (Virtual On), Princess Lushe (7th Dragon), Opeko (Border Break) and Maxima (Next Tony-project). I assume that last one is from an unannounced project from Sega featuring the artist Tony Taka of Shining Wind and Shining Tears fame.

That list may be exciting to some of you, especially the Virtual On fans—although you probably already have the highly detailed Kaiyodo Virtual On figures—but it's not the most all-star of line-ups.

Previous lines included Sega stars like Ulala, Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter and the slightly more obscure Nei from Phantasy Star II. Maybe you can see how the latest collection might be something of a disappointment for the Sega fan looking forward to characters as yet unpreserved in cheap plastic, such as Gum from Jet Set Radio, Orta from Panzer Dragoon Orta or Kelly from Gunvalkyrie. Or maybe you're a little more mature in your interests.


Regardless, prototype shots of the next batch can be seen below.


Importer National Console Support is now taking pre-orders for the set, which will cost you $23.90 USD and ship some time in August 2010.

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