With E3 just weeks away, expect to see a torrent of official announcements from publishers about what they'll be bringing to the show. One of the first out of the gate is Sega. Via Twitter.

The third-party publisher has revealed six of its E3-bound wares, confirming the expo appearance of already announced games. That includes software like Platinum Games' Bayonetta and Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol. But there are plenty of Sega titles missing from the official list, including expected showings like Aliens Vs. Predator, the first title to be released under Sega's Aliens licensing deal.

The half-dozen titles that we're 100% sure Sega will be showing include:

  • Alpha Protocol
  • Bayonetta
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  • Planet 51
  • The Conduit
  • Vancouver 2010

That list is missing some goods from Sega we expect (or desperately hope) to see within the next year, including Phantasy Star 0, Infinite Space and Shining Force Feather for the Nintendo DS, as well as higher profile games like Aliens: Colonial Marines and whatever Sonic the Hedgehog installment Sonic Team has been burdened with.


Surely, Sega will have more than just that to show at E3 this year, including more of its Xbox Live Arcade lineup. We'll just have to wait a bit longer for the official word to come down from the mountain.

Sega [Twitter via Joystiq]