Sega Brings Phantasy Star To Nintendo's DSiWare

Nintendo DSi owners not yet ready to invest in the full purchase price of Sega's Phantasy Star 0 for the Nintendo DS have another option, thanks to downloadable DSiWare service in Japan.

Phantasy Star 0 Mini has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu—the same that features details on Ninja Gaiden II Sigma for the PlayStation 3—a Nintendo DSi title that certainly lives up to its "Mini" name.


The DSiWare take on Phantasy Star is little more than an appetizer, a score attack mode that consists of one boss fight against a creature known as Raven, according to IGN's recount of the news. Phantasy Star 0 Mini features support for four players via wi-fi and the Pictochat-like in-game messaging service.

Price is just 200 Points. Not pricey by any means, but akin to paying for a short-lived demo.

Phantasy Star Set for DSiWare [IGN]

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