Look, you may not be excited about the announcement of Harley-Davidson: King of the Road, but there are some of us who hold SEGA's previous arcade hog racer, Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders in very high regard. And hey, it's been ten years, damn it. Sure, we may never see it on these shores, unless some GameWorks locations pick it up, but how can you not be excited about straddling a life-life Harley controller and racing on a 62" screen? Better yet, Harley-Davidson: King of the Road looks to feature a biker-friendly '70s soundtrack, complete with Steppenwolf and Deep Purple. The whole thing was on display at the Tokyo Amusement show this week. We're desperately hoping they ship them out to Japanese arcades in time for our Tokyo Game Show arrival. SEGA At the 46th Amusement Machine Show [Game Watch]


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