Sega Bringing Phantasy Star Portable Stateside

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Sega announced rather quietly at Tokyo Game Show that Phantasy Star Portable will be coming to North America. The Phantasy Star Online-style action RPG will hit these shores in March of next year, with Sega likely hoping it will match the success it has had with the game in Japan. Phantasy Star Portable has sold well over 600,000 copies on its home turf, in some part riding on the success of Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. While Phantasy Star Portable features wireless multiplayer of the local "ad hoc" style, it may be taking advantage of upcoming PlayStation 3 functionality that simulates infrastructure connections. That means online monster hunting with primary colors and futuristic laser swords, the kind of stuff that can make us momentarily pause our Phantasy Star V daydreaming.


Aw, crap, now I have to buy a PSP. :(