See, Video Game Covers in the U.K. are Like This and in Australia They're Like ƨiʜT

Illustration for article titled See, Video Game Covers in the U.K. are Like emThis/em and in Australia Theyre Like emƨiʜT/em

Because of the size and position of the Australian ratings classification for video games (CTC here is a placeholder), Ubisoft had to mirror the image of the Far Cry 3 box art, in order for us to see that poor bastard buried up to his nostrils by that psychopath, posing like a dual-wielding Le Penseur.


Considering all the grief Aussies take for being upside-down, this is a hilariously appropriate solution. Hat tip to Gemini-Phoenix for pointing it out to us in #tips.

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Rapture Rising

How is this news exactly?

But the question that really grabs me is that why are Americans so god damned obsessed with the way our toilet flushes? Australians arent obsessed with the way your toilets flushes, thats just fucking stupid.

Just to clear up a point, i have never actually seen a toilet that has used a spiral motion to flush, if i have it probably would have spiraled the same way, there is no difference in the way water rotates when going down the drain no matter what hemisphere you live in.

The point i suppose you could take out of this is that you can't and shouldn't believe The Simpsons.