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See Vice City's Final Mission, as Imagined on a Commodore 64

You talk about love at first sight. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had me at its opening credit screens: the LOAD "*",8,1, multicolored flashing logo and rudimentary MIDI theme took me straight back to 1986, and all the days I spent parked in front of my Commodore 64. When I showed it to my brother—not a gamer, but a C64 lifer—he flipped out.


YouTube 1980s nostalgia mavens Mijami Hiroz have now flipped the script and animated the game's final mission, "Keep Your Friends Close," in the style of a Commodore 64 de-make. Rockstar Games discovered the video yesterday and favorited it, even.

This slow-paced video, with text-only dialogue, is strangely engrossing—for those who have completed the game, I suppose. So that means there's a big spoiler alert here. But then, nearly 10 years after the game's freaking release, the statute of limitations has to have expired on that by now.


Weird that this brings back 10-year-old memories of 18-year-old memories. It's fun to remember all the same.

Found on YouTube: Vice City on Commodore 64? [Rockstar Newswire]

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Reverend Hunt

Did nobody have a Vic 20 growing up like I did? Every time I read a nostalgia piece for Commodore machines, when it's not a 64, it's an Amiga. I had just the V20 and I pretty much never come across Vic 20 articles without looking for them. I have no doubt that the C64 was a great machine (I really love the look of Vice City up there and wish someone would just throw money at Rockstar and make it official), but I feel as if I'm isolated in my love for Vic 20.