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See the Story Treatment for the Aborted Fallout Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In 1998, a year after Fallout released and became a smash hit on the PC, the game's publisher formed a films division intending to develop its properties into movies. One of those was to be Fallout. The story treatment for that film has been found.

Brent V. Friedman was commissioned to write the script. The project was abandoned before he began, but he recently found a floppy disk with the 15-page treatment he wrote for the film. Friedman has shared it with The Vault, the excellent Fallout series wiki.

An excerpt:

Hero at prestigious job — or so he's told — as Assistant Vault Supervisor, working on Supply Inventory. He inspects the G.E.C.K. — The Garden of Eden Creation Kit. As part of his daily ritual as resident dreamer, he watches an old promo tape, which explains the G.E.C.K. is a miraculous, one-shot terra forming device to be used by the Vault Dwellers upon eventual emergence onto the surface. Our Hero can't wait. Then he discovers some anomaly in the vault's water supply. Makes presentation to Vault Supervisor (his father), who is pleased at how sharp our Hero is... but also knows how bored he is. Father's already seen video tape of the tram incident – this is not the first time Hero has disturbed the peace. Establish internal strife between those who believe salvation/damnation is above. It's become a generational thing, like the 60's. Hero points out that all his generation's complaints with pre-fab Vault life are irrelevant without water…


Friedman says this version is the second revision of the story, written in 1998 - so, before Fallout 2 released.

"It was surprisingly fun to read it after all these years," Friedman told The Vault. "There are some things I would definitely change (obviously, there are many outdated references, etc.) but there are also scenes and aspects of this story which I still love."


Want to read more? You can get the .pdf from The Vault here.

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