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See The 193 LEGO Vic Vipers Of 'Nnovvember'

Illustration for article titled See The 193 LEGO Vic Vipers Of Nnovvember

The star of Konami's classic side-scrolling shoot 'em up Gradius has been remixed, re-imagined and rebuilt hundreds of times in LEGO brick form, perhaps most notably by late brick enthusiast Nate Nielson. So it was remixed again this past "Nnovvember."


"Nnovvember" is the month LEGO fans build their own interpretation of the Vic Viper, adhering to the twin pronged design of the Gradius spaceship, but deviating wildly from its original design. In all, 88 LEGO masters built 193 Vic Vipers big and small, all of which you can survey at Flickr in a massive 6500 x 6500 pixel picture. Yeah, it's a lot of spaceship!


Nnovvember 2010 [Flickr via The Brothers Brick]

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No one thought to sneak in a BSG viper? I am dissapoint.