See Super Street Fighter IV In Action

No more complaining about a teaser trailer: here are two clips showing more Super Street Fighter IV gameplay than you or a large stereotypical Native American Indian could possibly handle.




Everyone complaining about this needs to take a deep breath and think for a second. Now this is coming from someone who usually HATES this kind of re-release these days and someone who has already purchased the collectors edition of SFIV, I'm looking forward to this version.

Eight new characters is not by any means a small amount, and by DLC prices would easily cost you near $30 total. Game mechanics are being tweaked to further balance not just characters but the core game engine itself, something that can't exactly be done effectively through DLC for a fighting game.

On top of all that Capcom has already said that this new edition won't be sold at full price and that owners of the current version of SFIV will get a bonus if they purchase Super SFIV.