First Super Street Fighter IV Trailer

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So, Super Street Fighter IV is real, and it's not quite what we were expecting. Neither is this trailer, which features zero new characters and zero gameplay footage.



man, i'm glad i choosed RE5 against SF4 for my march game (i always buy 1 game each month, so, for multiple releases on 1 months, i either wait to get them used or in the disccount bin) and now i'll get a more complete version of SF4.

Also, having 2 mexican fighters, as a mexican, i feel honored, most of the time we are pretty much ignored cuz we got no traditional figthing style to be put on a brawl game, but i see 2 here and i'm liking it.

Thanks Capcom.

PS: For those claiming why didnt this made it as DLC for current owners, was SF4 designed to support DLC?