Witness as the Legend of Chun-Li from the upcoming feature film slowly grows, as star Kirsten Kreuk beats up some random guys you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley.

Of course Chun-Li runs into them in a dark alley, but she apparently has the moves to make it in a dark alley, whereas you or I would have wound up at best robbed, at worst viciously sodomized. Still, I'm not particularly impressed by the fighting in this clip. The wire work is nice enough, I suppose, but Chun-Li is still nearly taken out by some seriously generic opponents. Did he throw a crate of empty bottles at her? Weak. And while Chun-Li's final move in the clip is certainly impressive, she completely screwed up the dismount.

Oh well, I guess a legend has to start somewhere, right?

Ok, i'm watching the Chun-li Movie [Betomachado.com]