See Metal Gear Solid Sneak To Life Before Your Eyes

For fans of stealth series Metal Gear Solid, the name of "Yoji Shinkawa" is nearly as important as MGS creator Hideo Kojima. It's Shinkawa who's responsible for the game's visual look. Something he recreates right here.

The artist is holding an exhibit at the Konami Style store in Tokyo and is doing a live painting show as part of the exhibit. The above clip was taken by Tokyo's Ice Block Flims and shows just day 1 of an on-going "Big Boss/Snake" painting. Stunning.

Shinkawa started out on the development side, working as a debugger on sci-fi game Policenauts, but has since left his mark brush on the Metal Gear Solid franchise.


"The Art of Yoji Shinkawa" runs until January 31 at the Konami Style store in Tokyo Midtown.

Yoji Shinkawa Live Art Show – Video/Photos – Ice Block Films [Ice Block Films]

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We all may love for the game for his work on Metal Gear, but his design philosophy for one particular part of Jehuty (from the ZOE series) will forever make Shinkawa endearing.


Q: Another thing that "stands out" is the cockpit at the groin. Where did this come from?

Shinkawa: This is another idea from my school day sketches. This is one major characteristic of Orbital Frames. The name explains it well. It is a COCKpit. When the Orbital Frame is in Flight Mode, it springs up and points in the direction the frame flies.