.html Konami is looking to squeeze a little more cash out of the development of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by taking the online portion of that game to Japanese arcades.

The recently announced Metal Gear Arcade takes Metal Gear Online and stuffs it into an impressive-looking, but similarly expensive to develop, networked arcade cabinet. Thanks to 3D goggles, it will take the Metal Gear series "into the 3rd dimension," kind of a step back for us PlayStation 3 owners already gaming in glorious 4D. But it looks like it could be an enjoyable sit-down arcade experience, as long as we don't have to register for a Konami ID to play it and Kojima leaves the cut scenes at home.


The first trailer for the game shows off some familiar looking gameplay, but gameplay nonetheless. Metal Gear Arcade is slated to hit Japanese arcades sometime in 2009.

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